starting fresh
from now.

emittiv was founded in 2022 by a group of specialists based in Dubai.
current standards and a modern approach.
we've started from a clean slate - using the most efficient systems availble today.

bringing it all back together.

we design systems that support each other and create dynamic and vibrant spaces.
harmony, balance and cohesion.
our aim is to compliment and enhance the built environment using "intangible" design elements.
the core team

andrew hawkes

  • audio
  • technical direction
  • project management

andy has been involved in professional audio design and operations for over 25 years.

after several years running live events, he branched into technical and project management where he developed a strong interest in venue operations and workflows.

martin robert

  • lighting
  • video
  • control systems

martin's career has spanned many facets of lighting and video from global tours with a-list artists, permanent installations on iconic buildings to consulting for global events.

his current development is centred on dynamic, generative and communicative control systems.