How we

we aim to provide ease and efficiency to our Clients.
a team of specialists.
as a result, we're happy to work in a number of different ways.


we provide specialist designs for a wide range of sensory systems.
the full spectrum.
by combining these together, we are able to create more compelling experiences and spaces.


our core team are all accomplished designers in their own right, so we're also happy to work on one or more aspects as well.
a single frequency.
this allows us and our Clients the greatest freedom in chosing the right approach for the project.

beyond simple illumination, we provide specialist lighting designs that combine creative and technical elements.


modern video systems are being integrated into the built environment in ever changing ways.


using networked audio systems allows us to create more immersive environments with greater flexibility for spaces.


hugely under utilised, scent systems help define spaces, calling up memories and associations that cement impressions.


centralised control systems allow different systems to operate in unison creating coherent scenes and transitions.


we maintain a network of content creators so our systems can be updated regularly, keeping our spaces current.

End to End

the systems we specialise in require more than just layout drawings to achieve their aims.
partners throughout.
we're able to support projects from concept through to operation and anything in between.


Design and Construction Services:
  • Concept Design and Feasibility Studies
  • Schematic Design through to Detailed Design
  • Tender and Construction Documentation
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning, Handover, and Operator Training
  • Peer Reviews of Existing Designs
Operational Services:
  • Content Delivery and Programming Updates
  • Development and Delivery of Staff Training
  • Operational Procedure Reviews
  • Ongoing System Performance Evaluations
  • Value Optimisation
  • Contract Reviews for Outsourced Services